The Thousand Gods, Thousand Graves campaign depicts a broad range of cultures thrown together on the Thousand Isles, a group of islands in the Middle Seas. Recent political upheavals on the continents to the East and West have forced many people to flee to these islands. Some come as refugees, some as conquerors, and a few try to position themselves as saviors. The diverse native populaces have all reacted differently to the newcomers. While there were many brutal clashes in the beginning, a series of truces have developed. Over the last decade a few islands have become true melting pots of races, nationalities and cultures where trade and commerce flourish in relative peace.

The Heroes of this time must be keen not only with a blade, but with their wits as well. There are many challenges and threats in the Thousand Isles. Not the least of which are the variety of Gods, gods, Spirits and Avatars that inhabit the land. These entities range from the truly divine to fragmented memories strung out over the land encased in baubles of stone. Some of the entities are potent and encompass an entire city or terrain feature. They are creatures that tend to be strong of will and power. They may seek out worshipers and potentially feed off those that pay them homage- physically and/or psychically. Others are tiny and “mortal” in that they can be destroyed by more potent creatures (or characters).

Thousand Gods, Thousand Graves

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