Thousand Gods, Thousand Graves

Chapter 3: Dormant

Dinko and the party relax on the veranda for some time enjoying the breeze, music from magical statuary, sipping chilled wine and playing games of regicide. Dinko is a good host, but does seem to get lost in his own thoughts from time to time, staring off to the East and the vast sea.

After some time, Chalt, now awake and joining the group, and takes a seat on Dinko’s hammock, seemingly oblivious to any sense of decency or decorum. After a few minutes of awkward conversation, Dinko retrieves for Chalt a small icecream with sprinkles. Chalt soon becomes dozy and is sent off to bed. However, guards have been gathered in the great hall looking expectantly at Dinko. With a slump of his shoulders, the halfling goes off to prepare dinner.

The rest of the evening is pleasant and relaxed. Dinko has prepared yet another meal. During which he serves some exquisite Yellow Divers Tea to Shao. The last batch was made some time ago, but a small glowing ward diminishes as the seal is broken so it has remained fresh.

The group is set with accommodations for the evening. Asika and Karvara soon make their way out to explore the fortifications. It is easily apparent that there are not nearly enough guards to support this greatly damaged building. The guards were alert for sure, just not numerous enough to hold off a sustained assault. So,any attack other than the front gate would have a high margin of success. In addition, the guards were using Hao-Ying (owl-hawks), sleek nocturnal predators to help monitor the structure.

The next morning the group’s suspicions that they had taken people’s rooms are confirmed when they go downstairs to see several guards getting up after having slept on the couches and chairs in the great hall.

Dinko prepares a nice breakfast for their journey. To get to Dormant, the characters must cross the island to go to his plantation. “It’s hot and a jungle and there are bugs.” says Dinko, obviously not envious of their trip whatsoever. Hagata will take you and the mule. Bug juice is given to everyone and a thick envelope as their introduction to Dormant. “Good travels” says the earnest halfling as they set off.

Hagata is able to hack his way through the rapidly overgrowing path and take get the characters to the plantation just as night is falling. Although, it is a jungle and not everyone could escape the inopportune leeches. Dinko did manage to get the box of Yellow Divers Tea into the beast’s saddlebags as a parting gift.

The plantation guards give a grim welcome to the heroes in the dark. Hagata seems to have to remind them who he is before they let the group through the large gates. The guards seem a little edgy at things in the night.

Dilz, the major domo, intercepts the party before they get too far into the fine stucco and tiled roof house. Its broad and surrounded by a large thick wall. Between the wall and house a series of large pools set at intervals along the main path. Dilz is polite enough to give the group refreshments and a quick introduction to Dormant, master of the house, before sending them to bed.

A large breakfast is being held the next morning. There are many guests and most are dressed in swim clothes. There are also a large number of crowbars and digging tools at their belts. At first the party is given rude glares and snubbed for being outsiders, however, one lady introduces herself. She is Elise, Dinko’s wife. She lets the group know that today the Corusans are celebrating their crop of oysters. There will be a pearl diving event and there is a competition to see this year’s crop.

Dormant leads the celebration with a few spoken words. The divers begin to take their places among the pools. One young woman at the far end of the field screams as an orc clubs her in the head. Soon, dozens of orcs begin to make their appearance on the field, all climbing up from the oyster pool.

Orc pirates have orchestrated a simultaneous attack. The main gate is broken as the same time a group makes its ways out of an emptied Oyster pool. The group immediately joins the counter attack. During the fight, a number of orcs are dispatched by the party. A dozen Corusans are killed or wounded in the melee. The party’s presence makes the crucial decision during the conflict and the orcs are soon routed with three orcish archers retreating down the emptied oyster pool to make their escape.

Dormant makes his appearance at the very end. He is armed with an epee and helmet. Seeing a wounded Corusan girl, he picks her up and begins sobbing.


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