Thousand Gods, Thousand Graves

Chapter 6: At the Library

As the party rallies around Kun to make sure he will survive the arrow shot, Asika takes to checking the would be assassins(?). Asika is no stranger to the Shadow Warriors of Agando and she is immediately sure of their point of origin. In addition to their blades, one of them had a tincture in a small vial. The owner of the house is warned to get back inside.

Kun gets up and looks at the grey mark on his chest that morphs into the shape of a persimmon tree that grows and then drops its fruit and leaves. At that moment, Kun zones out and says “Get me to some water.” At which point, he starts tracing lines into a water barrel with his finger while staring into the air. As Shao watches, he can make out some of what his former master is writing. They are directions. As to where, he cannot discern.

The incident is over within a few minutes. After which, the party and Kun make their way to Jido to report the odd attack. It doesn’t take long for Kun to put the pieces together and name Wumacan Trow as the one behind the assault. Trow is a former citizen of Agando, banished some years ago from the City of Secrets. Trow had been at the Great Library of Zhenji eight years ago, in the season of the Silver Rice. Kun apparently did not take a liking to the young wizard and thus did not fully open the library to Trow’s researches. Despite this being a not uncommon incident, Shao is able to dimly recall this particular unsatisfied customer. Trow was a screamer and tantrum haver. Those parts of Trow’s exit were memorable enough to stick in Shao’s mind. Kun can have that effect on people.

Kun then instructs the group to accompany him to the library to help figure out exactly what Wumacan Trow has exacted from him.

At the best of times Kun comes across as gruff, even rude. This was not the best of times. His condescending attitude, long experienced by Shao, is new to Asika and Karvara. Asika is immediately tasked with making tea while after Karvara demonstrates his knowledge of the library’s geography, his muscles are put to use getting Kun an ottoman for his long pained leg. Shao is then sent off into the bowels of the new library to retrieve a list of books and documents. This is definitely a new library and many of the rows of books are still untamed. It takes Shao quite a while to fill Kun’s marvelous red satchel with the requested titles.

It soon becomes obvious that Karvara is not able to meet Kun’s monumental demands of the maps set before him and the Red Prince is set off to the kitchen to make the next round of tea. However Asika, to Kun’s exceedingly pleasant surprise, manages to properly recite the poetry of Ranak the Bold and reveal a specific insight. That success gets her invited to his table to look at another book. Shao does his best with the next round of texts and the search goes on for sometime before Kun says, “He wanted to know where we hid the Treatises of Gotal (I-IX,X-XII are MIA) because he is searching for Otota, the lair of the Serpent Queen.” It is soon explained that the Serpent Queen can answer any question for a price. She resides in the high mountains of the God’s Peaks. They separate the lands of the Badohan from the lands of Veydoharrapa to the South. “He asked me the wrong question, the idiot.” says Kun. He asked for the scrolls and not the actual location. He could have saved himself a step. “As if some of us couldn’t figure out the mystery with only some of the clues…”.

Kun further explains that as it became apparent that not all of the library could immediately be smuggled out of Zhengi before the Badohan invasion, he had Minh begin stashing titles in around the area. The treatises are in a fishing town north of Zhenji — an area now controlled by the Badohan. While the party may not know Trow’s ultimate question, they all agree that it would be best to stop him and be default perhaps return some of the books to the library.


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