Prince Karvara Yuddhamuni (the Red Tiger)

Exiled Battle Prince disguised as a pirate


Karvara is heir to a Veydoharrapan royal lineage whose blood once mixed with a rakshasa (his grandmother, on his father’s side). He was raised among the elite Yuddhamuni — the Battle Princes — masters of strategy and war.

The Holy Elected Raja, Sayagi II, fell to the Black Banner before Karvara’s training was fully complete. So far as is known, all of the adult Yuddhamuni were killed resisting the conquering forces, leaving only a handful of princes-in-training. Her Elected Holiness Rani Jyoti sent the survivors to secret locations, each with his own mission.

Karvara and his retinue were sent to the Thousand Isles to learn more about the displaced, to aid the refugees from Veydoharrapa, and to find a way to defeat the Witch King and Queen. Karvara wears the guise of the Red Tiger, a smuggler and pirate.


Battle Prince: The secret of the Yuddhamuni is that everything a Battle Prince must know is inculcated into him/her as a child, through meditation trances and chakra transmission. The rest of the training is a staged method of “reminding” the student of what has already been transmitted (the entire corpus of Yuddhamuni practice), so that it does not overwhelm his developing mind and body.

Royal Scion: Karvara is heir to a royal house and was raised with all the Veydoharrapan noble arts and letters.

Rakshasa Granny Lore: During the summer months, Karvara was sent to live with his rakshasa grandmother, who told him many stories of monsters and demons from an insider perspective.

Smuggler Pirate: The survivors of Karvara’s family and court now operate a smuggling network in the Thousand Isles, slowly building the power they will use to reclaim their lands.

Prince Karvara Yuddhamuni (the Red Tiger)

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