Thousand Gods, Thousand Graves

Chapter 1: Maiden Voyage
The Faithful Star is attacked on its first outing

Members of the attending a party in the City of Figgins celebrating the inaugural voyage of the Faithful Star, the first ship in the coast guard’s new fleet. The movers and shakers from each nation’s colonists have gathered to witness exactly what their collaborative efforts have created. The easily recognizable members of the Big Table are all present: Jido Liumin and Kun Yat-Sen from Zhenji, Kjell Mayse from Igeliask, and Ojas Maurya and Kolo Krann from Veydoharrapa. In addition, Milos Cranzter, Tovik Vanst also appeared. Usually these wizards are hard pressed to leave Dagmar for any reason.

Tovik’s arrival causes Minh to stir, so Shao moves to the other side of the balcony. There he encounters Captain Nanumas eating spicy prawns. Nanumas’s parents died a year ago in one of the many storms and Shao was able to help see them to rest. As half elf and half sea elf there were many aspects to be covered to ensure a proper funeral.

Nanumas is a well respected merchant in the Thousand Isles known for having either outsailed or outfought many pirates in the Middle Seas. Nanumas was apparently the Big Table’s first choice to captain the Faithful Star, but turned it down. “Don’t like the lines.” “It may be a collaboration of each nation’s ships, but why didn’t they take the best parts?” “You know, I bet that bottle Kjell brought doesn’t even have liquor in it.” He didn’t get to say too much more before his wife and children showed up to take him away.

Jido made sure to have his new favorite pupil, Theo, got a good view of the ship’s christening, while seeming to ignore Karvara. From Asika’s vantage point, she witnessed her brother, Racht, preparing costumes while Pranay lead the celebratory dance.

There were many speeches about togetherness and while of different peoples they are all united on these multiple islands before the actual voyage took place. Once at sea, everyone was introduced to Captain Geenan Marrappa. Geenan has an imposing figure with a feline appearance save for the short horn growing out of the middle of his forehead. He was a Captain in the Veydoharrappan navy, but lost his ship during the nation’s fall.

The Faithful Star sails well for the first few hours and makes its way under great fanfare from each island passed. However, as it makes it final round, clouds begin to form in the East. The pending storm was identified as unnatural with its swirling green formation. Beneath the clouds, a giant wave rapidly approaches the Faithful Star. Riding the wave is an Orcish hammership, designed to give a jumping off point for their fierce raiders. It announced its presence by letting loose a volley of fire coral to distract the crew and passengers. The stinging sensation of the coral does not have as much of an impact as the orc pirates would have wanted and Geenan orders his sailors to retaliate. Milos and Tovik, while unexpected attendees at the party, were well useful passengers on the Faithful Star. Their combined magic tied up the magical defenses of the Orc pirates.

Asika, Shao, Karavara and Theo were quick to engage the Orc boarders. They were bolstered by the sorcerer powers of Ojas and his commanding voice. Once Asika started sinking her blade into the orcs she ended them one by one. Theo found them hard to hit at first. Shao moved aft to defend the non combatant passengers and did well in this naval engagement. During the fight Jido and Kun were attacked. However, Jido’s monkey, Hoo Zi, defended them viciously before further help arrived. Karavara held his own and his broadsword took the head off of an orc. Captain Geenan jumped ship and made an attempt on his rival. However, the orcs were able to defend against his claws. It did not take the combined forces of the Faithful Star and her passengers to rout the Orcs.

As the Pirate Ship disengaged the Faithful Star was able to take a prisoner of one of the orcs.


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