Figgins is a port city on the Island of Brahg. Over the last decade the population has increased exponentially as refugees have settled from all across the Middle Seas.

Figgins is at the mouth of the Josen river. The river feeds in from the mountains and ensures the local farmland is typically fertile even during the dry season. Figgins is surrounded by sandy beaches from which the many fishermen hock their latest catch.

The city, like many in the Middle Seas, is built upon the ruins of other civilizations. Most notably here are the bits of steppe pyramid of the ancient Maycal and the far more recent Corusans.

Figgins is divided into four sectors, one for each of the major refugee groups plus one “neutral” area. Large decisions, such as public works, tax collection and legal disputes between the sectors are brought to the Council, also known as the Big Table. Each group sends a few representatives to the council to make sure their needs are being addressed. Those in the Council have been known to refer to it as the “Kid’s Table” because of the bickering meetings frequently degenerate into. However, this is a new entity and so far all parties have been working somewhat together to ensure the mutual well being.

A series of public works have been The city is having its fortifications increased little by little. The previous walls and parapets are being repaired, rebuilt or expanded as time and money allow. The port is also being expanded to be able to handle the ever increasing trade brought to the city.

The name Figgins comes from the red fig trees that grow in abundance West of the city. They were originally planted by the Corusans but are now being actively cultivated once again.


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