Ruins in the Thousand Isles

The Thousand Isles have had many cultures rise and fall during its existence. Ruins and artifacts can be found on many of currently populated islands. Some of the structures are ancient while others are more recent, most likely from one of the many cultures that tried to colonize the islands in the recent past.

Here is a list of the most common cultures that left ruins in the Thousand Isles.

Sleethian- A Reptilian Race, very ancient. The S shape and swirls are predominant in their structures.

Maygalian- Human, step pyramids, pictographs frequently show battles with large creatures.

Ing’gancala- Human but typically shorter and stocky from all descriptions. These people may have separated into the various tribes that currently inhabit the Thousand Isles.

Corusans- The predecessors to the Igeliaskians on the Eastern continent who set up a series of colonies in the Thousand Isles. Many refugees have used the abandoned stucco wall and tiled roof buildings for the basis of their new homes.
There are a few Corusan colonies that have managed to survive these past two hundred years, but their culture on the mainland has collapsed. The current batch of Corusans regard all of their works (abandoned or not) as their property and take various degrees of offense at finding intruders rooting around in their former territories.


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