Zhenji Starter

The Iron Muzzles were the first clan of the Badohan’s forces to breech the gate of Zhenji. Led by Underkahn Tiego, their fearsome legion of war beasts and trained monsters laid waste to all they could. They did not abide by the usual terms of surrender. Oirat’s bargaining seemed for naught.

Most of the books, scrolls and acknowledged ancestors had been evacuated from the Great Library of Zhenji before the front doors were battered aside. Large trolls bearing the mark of the Iron Muzzles entered. Behind them came a Badohan commander wearing yellow lamellar armor and a gruesome mask of his clan’s namesake. He shouted orders to the trolls and they began their search.

You and Kun had finally managed to meet up by the east wing’s exit just ahead of the Badohan. You dropped your armload of sacred scrolls into his treasured red bag that seemed capable of holding a near infinite amount of items. “Hurry”, Kun yelled as the Badohan appeared down the grand hall. An arrow buzzed down the long hall like a wasp and hit Kun in the shin. He crumpled to the ground and grasped his leg. Another arrow sped by and pierced the wall as Minh arrived. She was panting from the long run from the lower vaults, where she had gathered The Last Words of Cran the Broken.

“Save the texts, not me!” Kun shouted.

Minh rolled her eyes and began shoving the brittle rice paper into the bag. As you helped the master librarian to his feet, another volley of projectiles flew down the hall. A large spear from a troll thudded into Kun’s thigh. Kun’s twice-wounded leg collapsed beneath him. A buzzing arrow from the commander’s yumi then found its way to Minh. The arrow pierced her heart and continued into you stopping just an inch from your own heart.

“Crickets,” Minh said, before her eyes closed forever.

Zhenji Starter

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